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Why Use Possible Church?

The first question is "Why do I need an outsider's help?"

I hear a lot of pastors say - I don't need help.

You can't know more about my church than me.

I have enough experience.

Here is how we see it...the Pastor is the driver of his vehicle (church). He can never stop...he rarely even gets to slow down. The pastors we help often have enough experience and knowledge to do what we do, but they can never get outside the car to check it out - or far enough away from the day-to-day to see what lies ahead.

That is where Possible Church helps. To follow the analogy, we check out the tires, body, motor, transmission, fluids, brakes, etc. to keep you and your church moving. We also help clarify the destination and find the best route to get there - even cleaning the bugs off the windshield so you can see today. 

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