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Phase 2 
Adjust & Advance

Clarity is an incredible thing. As you complete Phase 1 it will be clear whether you will continue with Possible Church. As we partner together to move your church to a place of health and growth the excitement is palpable. We don't use a system that you are required to adjust too...we help you see the vision God has for your church and build out the team and strategic plan to fulfill that vision.

Phase 2 focuses on a few key elements that 

  • Building a Cohesive, some say "sticky" team

  • Clarity - answering the critical questions

  • Making Adjustments with Leaders to Ministry Areas and Rhythms

  • People - systems for Assimilation, Discipleship, & Evangelism

We plan to spend about eight months working through these areas in a deliberate pace.​

The fee for this is always affordable and based upon size and scope.

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