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Phase 1 - Assessment
The (FREE) Next Step
for Your Church

No matter where your church is today...this is where to start. 

This Ministry Analysis is similar to what major consulting firms have been doing for many years.

FREE doesn't mean cheap or "less than". 

At Possible Church we have decided to do the most good we can...and spending half of our time selling isn't good. 


to begin your journey.

What does the Analysis Include?

  • History Review

  • Vision Clarification

  • Major Ministry Review

  • Facility Review

  • Church Health Survey

  • Demographic/Psychographic Study

  • People Systems Review

  • Financial Analysis

  • SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis

  • Guest/Outsider Perspective

  • Recommendations/Next Steps


During this 4-6 Month period we will work alongside the Pastor and assess the workload and rhythms...many times pastors are doing too much for their church's good. 

Your Church Assessment Includes
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