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Possible Church - That's an Odd Name

The name, Possible Church, comes from two sources about 20 years ago when I was working as a church growth consultant for another company. We would lay out 3 levels of what could happen in the church - Survivable, Probable, and Possible. Only a few churches hit that "Possible" outcome, but even thinking about it excites both your mind and spirit. 

The other source was from a book on marketing. I still have a bookmark in it today - it described a "possible service" as not what the client wants but what they need but didn't know existed. 

Possible Church strives to be a partner for your ministry that is more than you want...what you need.

Our Story

My name is Steve Roberts and I'm a church "junkie". I can sit for hours and talk about church health and growth. I grew up in small churches (30 - 150) in rural Texas, north of Dallas. During college my "church" habit got worse. While I got my degrees in Theology, Business, and Biblical language I attended around 60 churches of various denominations. In the almost 30 years, since graduation, I have worked in many areas. There are times I feel like a ministry vagabond, moving every few years...but in hindsight I see God had a plan. My wife has been a Children's Pastor for 20 of these years. For me it gets more complicated.

I have been a (take a deep breath before you try to read it) - Youth Pastor, Care Pastor, Business Administrator, Associate Pastor, Entreprenuer (bi-vocational), Executive Pastor, Family Life Pastor, Church Consultant, Construction Consultant, Fundraising Consultant, and back to an Executive Pastor. I've worked with several denominations and have learned that there is so much more that brings us together than separates us. 

In the 25 years I was on staff at local churches, those churches grew in attendance by 2600. We saw over 7,000 people accept Christ. So, what does that mean? First, I worked with some great Lead Pastors and staffs. I in no way take credit for what God did. What I do take credit for is paying attention, learning while I worked.


When I ask those I worked for "What did I do well?" I get similar answers:

  • You make things easier

  • Things just run smoother

  • You can see what is coming and prepare us for it

  • You plan, initiate, and follow through

So that brings me to the present. We have left vocational ministry and started Possible Church to help churches, especially those that are smaller reach a level of health they have only hoped for. 

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