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Providing Smaller Churches & Their Leaders with What They Need...But Did Not Know Existed!



Possible Church, Inc. is a new consulting partner for your church, but we are anything but new. For almost 30 years we have been in ministry at many levels. My wife, Angie and I have been blessed to serve on staffs of churches from 250 - 2500 in attendance. While our full-time ministries were in larger churches, we always found ourselves providing resources and help to smaller ministries. So we left our ministry as executive and childrens pastors in the summer of 2022 to focus all of our energy on helping smaller churches. 

Possible Church was created to bring hope to smaller churches and their pastors by identifying where they are and by partnering in their mission by bringing health, clarity, and growth to their team and members.

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how we can 
help you

Our three-phase process 


Assess - It's Free

You cannot get to your destination if you don't know where you are currently. Phase I is a 360-degree assessment of every area of your ministry. 

Phase I is stand-alone. If you partner with us or not we believe our assessment is a valuable tool to move your ministry forward.


Clarify & Adjust

As the Pastor, you can't do it alone. Here we help build and train your leadership team. As we make some adjustments we bring clarity to what your church will do, why you do it, and how do we measure health. We begin working with your major ministries to create healthy rhythms of ministry.



Your church is we create healthy patterns and rhythms of growth. We provide resources for ongoing Discipleship, Childrens and Youth Ministry. 

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